Play Ragnarok Classic on xpRO Android!


xpRO is still under development and you may find some functions that are not working.

We still recommended our v260 andRO for smooth gameplay on android users.

  • The app is still unstable and may find bugs.
  • It is playable with skill effects and other effects.
  • It consume a lot of data network, no problem if you have a strong wifi connection.
  • Need a High end Mobile android device, since effects are enabled.
And again.. xpRO is still under development and continue improving its functions.


How to install xpRO?

Step 1

Make sure that you have the latest google chrome installed on your mobile android device.

Open Google Chrome and type



Step 2

Once you get into the website of xpRO, Click the 3 dots on your top right corner.

And then Click Add to Home Screen.


Go to your Home screen and check for the XPRO icon


Step 3

Open the XPRO APP and Enter Server Name: pro classic

Click Play and there you go! xpRO baby!